dante 4 weeks

Fall 2020 Update

Our current kittens are reserved but we are expecting more kittens within the next couple of months!

Expected colors for upcoming winter and spring kittens include the traditional Siberian colors and patterns of: brown tabby, blue tabby, solid black, and solid blue, and all of the above colors with white markings.

Also we may have color point/"Neva Masquerade" patterned kittens with light bodies and sky blue eyes.  Pointed patterns we may expect include seal lynx point, blue lynx point, seal point, blue point, and all of the above colors with white markings.

Also, this spring, we hope to have our first golden Siberian kittens born!!



Next Steps...

Please e-mail for more information or to join our waiting list for a kitten.  We will want to know a little about you, your household including other pets, and why you are interested in a Siberian kitten at this time.   Thanks!