Pureheart Siberians of NH is a CFA and TICA registered home cattery in Strafford, NH owned by Jeff and Becky Wiggin.     We breed both Neva Masquerade and traditional Siberian kittens.   Our beautiful cats and kittens share our home along with our children and our dog.

Haven, Topaz, Vyatka and Irina are from Russia, where this amazing breed originated.  They have world champion WCF and FIFE pedigrees and have earned their own CFA champion show titles.

     We were first drawn to Siberian cats due to their reputation as a hypoallergenic (low allergen) breed.  Many Siberians have a low level of Fel d1 proteins compared to other cats. Fel d1 is the substance that most people with cat allergies are allergic to.    We thought we could never own a house cat until we purchased our first Siberian kitten, Sarah.   She was not only the most gorgeous cat we had ever seen, but the first cat we were able to all be near without triggering any allergic reactions. 
     Siberians are large, sturdy cats with triple layer, water repellent, easy care coats.  Siberians are calm, athletic, and loving.  They have proven their ability to thrive even in the forests of Siberia.  They are a longstanding breed, first written about over a thousand years ago.  However, they are new to the US, with the first imports coming here in 1990.  They are a healthy breed of cats.  Our cats are genetically tested and free from PK1 and PK deficiency and negative for FelV and FIV.  
         Please email us if we can answer any questions for you or if you would like more information on upcoming litters.  Also, for up to date kitten pictures, we invite you to like or follow our facebook page.    https://www.facebook.com/pureheartsiberians/
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For those who have allergies, check out this video featuring Dr. Oz and his Siberian cat.

Our Queens and Stud


Vyatka; CFA Champion

Vyatka is a beautiful golden and black marbled tabby, whose mother is a WCF world champion.  She is slim and agile, and regularly walks the high railing on our loft.  She is a sweet quiet girl who loves to be held and petted.  She is WCF and CFA registered.



Irina is a gorgeous traditional brown/black tabby from Moscow.  She is an outgoing girl who loves to play and seeks out attention from everyone, even our youngest children.  Her father is a WCF World Champion and CFA grand champion, and her mother is a WCF champion as well.



CFA Champion Stud

Haven is the son of a WCF Russian champion father and an International and European champion mother.      Despite his International Champion pedigree, he likes nothing better than to be cuddled in the arms of our five year old.  Haven is a seal point tabby with white.  He recently earned his own CFA champion title.


CFA Champion: Topaz

Topaz, our seal point with white,  is  the daughter of a world champion father and a champion mother.  With her luxurious fluffy coat and sky blue eyes, she purrs contentedly on our lap and rolls on her back to have her belly rubbed.  She loves to play and will go to great and amusing lengths to capture the stray insect that comes her way.

Next Steps...

Please e-mail at [email protected] for more information about current or future litters.  Share a little about yourself and why you are interested in a Siberian kitten at this time.  Thanks!